Jess Chua | SW Florida

Hello — I’m Jess!

I’m a blogger and content specialist living in Southwest Florida.

In 2020, I decided to streamline my side projects to improve my focus, so there’s been less activity on this blog.

You may find me writing horror short stories on some evenings and nights.

Optimal StartUp Daily

A couple of my blog posts have been narrated on Optimal StartUp Daily.

Check them out here!

My Bitesize Bio

  • INFJ / Practical Idealist
  • Virgo Sun / Pisces Moon
  • My LinkedIn Profile

Writing Experience

A few years ago, I grew a history blog to over a million views under my pen name.

The blogging process sharpened my critical thinking, visual presentation, editing, SEO, and design skills.

It also helped me land a job with an outstanding podcast.

I’ve guest blogged on sites like Introvert, Dear, the personal finance blog Budgets Are Sexy, and others.


  • Content Marketing Certification (HubSpot)
  • B.A. in Business & English (Adams State University; 2011)

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