Jess Chua | SW Florida

Hello — I’m Jess Chua!

I’m a blogger and content specialist living in Southwest Florida.

In 2019, I started working on a non-fiction book.

In 2020, I decided to streamline my side projects to improve my focus. I now spend some evenings and nights writing horror short stories.

I. Am. Introverted.

As an INFJ, introversion is a trait that I strongly identify with.

In 2019, my goal through this site was to help fellow introverts live a life that’s “introvertedly fulfilling.” Because true happiness can never be found if you go against your true nature.

Why Writing + Blogging?

I’ve always loved writing as it’s a process that perfectly blends analytical thinking with intuition. The ability to write well also serves as a foundation for many other things in life.

With clarity in thought comes clarity in action!

I believe life has lots more to offer than boredom or misery. And nothing beats the deep sense of fulfillment from connecting with others via written expression.

Bitesize Bio

  • INFJ / Practical Idealist
  • Virgo Sun / Pisces Moon
  • My LinkedIn Profile

Writing Experience

I grew a history blog to over a million views under my pen name.

The blogging process sharpened my critical thinking, visual presentation, editing, SEO, and design skills.

It also helped me land a job with an outstanding podcast.

I’ve guest blogged on sites like Introvert, Dear, the personal finance blog Budgets Are Sexy, and others.


  • Content Marketing Certification (HubSpot)
  • B.A. in Business & English (Adams State University; 2011)
  • MicroMasters in UX Research and Design (University of Michigan)

Professional Associations

  • International Association for Journal Writing

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