July 2017

In the past few months, I’ve not been on social media much.

It got me thinking about entrepreneurship and the kind of direction I would like for my own side biz pursuits.

A strong social media presence is required for many roles these days. I worked as a freelance social media manager some time ago.

While the PR aspect of social media can be fun, it isn’t where my real interests lie.

A few years ago, I started taking some coding lessons on Codecademy out of curiosity and interest.

Of the different coding languages, SQL is one that I frequently enjoyed.

I’ve begun to do more data integrity related work this year — and I’ve come to find that I enjoy working with databases.

So I’m going to focus on building my skills in that area for the time-being.

Doing work I enjoy has always been something important to me.

It’d be nice if I could somehow integrate my IT/technical interests into a side biz some day 🙂