Hello — I’m Jess!

I’m a content specialist living in Southwest Florida.


I maintain a history blog under my pen name,

That blog has grown to over a million views and 550 organic subscribers.

It was an exciting and unique project as it helped me to understand the importance of finding the right niche and target audience.

The blogging process also sharpened my critical thinking, visual presentation, editing, SEO, and blog layout design skills (phew).


In my late teens, the thing that stressed me out the most was not being able to define a clear life path. While it’s a long time ago, the stress of “not knowing what to do” or how to go about it is something that’s still vivid in my memory.

I choose to focus on blogging and writing because the ability to write well serves as a foundation for many other things in life.

With clarity in thought comes clarity in action.

When I help others gain clarity with their goals, I feel a deep sense of fulfillment from guiding others to strategic success.

Bitesize Bio

  • INFJ / Practical Idealist
  • Virgo Sun / Pisces Moon
  • Webmistress @ (est. 1999)
  • My LinkedIn Profile
  • Email: jess AT innerlifegoals DOT com



  • HubSpot: Content Marketing (2018)
  • Google Analytics IQ
  • Micro-Masters in UX Research and Design


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