Email Coaching

Email Coaching for Introverted Writers + Bloggers

Hi, I’m Jess!

I’d like to help you save time and gain clarity when it comes to your writing or blogging goals. Guided journaling and an action plan act as a compass for getting you closer to your goals.

I currently offer two email coaching options:

  1. Reignite Your Spark – for introverted writers seeking to reconnect with their creative writing
  2. Your Inner Blogger – for introverted bloggers seeking clarity on their blogging strategy

Email Coaching Packages


Email Coaching #1 – Reignite Your Spark


If you feel stuck with your creative writing goals, it’s not the end of the world.

You’ll receive at least 5 tips you can implement quickly to get in touch with your creative side and start writing the stories you want or need to share.

Price: $59

Email Coaching #2 – Your Inner Blogger


Get strategic guidance and support for multiple aspects of your approach to blogging.

In the form below, let me know which areas you’ve been struggling with (monetization; building an audience; blogging schedule; blog topic ideas; copywriting; etc.).

Includes blog audit, guided journal prompts, and action plan for continued success.

Price: $99

You Will Be:

  • listened to
  • getting your blog or website reviewed (for “Your Inner Blogger” option)
  • receiving tips you can implement straight away
  • working with someone who’s compassionate and strategic, with a view on long-term success

You Will Not Be:

  • treated as a faceless client in a huge group with hundreds of participants
  • given general advice that’s not applicable to your situation
  • working with someone who has no mentoring, writing, or blogging experience
  • receiving cheerleader style advice which doesn’t have any real effect on your endeavors

Why Work with Me?

Email Coaching

I’m a writing/blogging coach helping introverts to shine in a LOUD world.

My role as a content specialist involves blogging and editing material for the Optimal Living Daily podcast network (a top 1% podcast in the areas of personal growth, business, and more).

As a writing-obsessed INFJ, I’m passionate about giving clients practical guidance and action steps to get to where they want to be.

I’ve been quoted on Forbes, Apartment Therapy, and various media outlets.

Client Feedback

“Excellent quality of work, fantastic communication and delivered on all aspects!”
— (Swedish Organization for Global Health)

“While I was answering Jess’s questions, I actually realized a lot of things. I made some mistakes in the past and she gave me tips that I would not have thought of on my own.”
— Michelle, fitness coach

“Jess offered great insights on how to structure our microsite to make a very complex topic digestible.”
Markus F. / Kokua Mau, Hawaii

How to Sign Up

If you’re interested in working with me, please fill out the following form, and I’ll get back to you ASAP.