Friday Introductions is a way to get to know someone via the #fridayintroductions hashtag on Fridays.

You can also reintroduce yourself to your Instagram followers and answer different questions each time you post!

Friday Introductions with Inner Life Goals. #fridayintroductions on Instagram!

I think it’s a fun way to discover people and see the unique blogs or websites they have.

While this blog of mine is very new, I thought I’d include my first Friday Introductions post here for visitors to get to know me. I’d be glad to get to know you too from comments you leave on these posts.

So here are some details about me…

My Name Is: Jess Chua

My Blog/Website is about: Astrology and career guidance. I focus on these subjects as I’m passionate about them. It also reflects my belief that a person functions at their best when they have self-knowledge to understand who they are and what they would like to achieve in life.

I’ve Lived In: Singapore, Maine, and Florida.

I’m Inspired By: People who are driven to make a meaningful contribution to society.

rock your feminine type

I’m Reading: Rock Your Feminine Type, by Joy Balma.

Women in business would certainly appreciate this book! What I love about the content is how it explains one’s strengths and weaknesses. Later I’ll fill out a section of the questionnaire in order to gain more clarity on my ‘shadow’ type (i.e. weak points).

In the book, you’ll find out if you’re:

  • The Diva or The Sweetheart
  • The Excellence Girl or The Muse
  • The Seeker or The Saint
  • The Goddess Geek or The Success Girl

I’m Drinking: A very relaxing concoction of herbal tea and organic, raw honey.

QUESTION: What’s your favorite website builder?

ANSWER: I like using WordPress. I tried SquareSpace for a couple of weeks, but several components weren’t loading correctly when I viewed the website on a tablet. Initially, I thought SS would save me time and money because of the convenience of their prettily designed templates and drag-and-drop editor. Frank Swift has a detailed post on the agony involved with a platform that doesn’t work as it should.

I’d love to know your answers, so introduce yourself and leave a comment 🙂

Jess Chua

Jess Chua

Jess Chua is an astrologer and strategist.

Through her analytical and intuitive abilities, she helps others create the life and career they desire.
Jess Chua

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