The moon sign in astrology is an important planet, as it shows your emotional nature, instinctive nature, and what your deep emotional needs are.

This is why you could feel like a very intense Gemini, if you had a Gemini Sun with Scorpio as your Moon sign.

Find Moon Sign.


To find your moon sign, enter your birth time info in the online calculator at

Scroll down the page to read a description of your moon sign.

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Here’s a short description of each moon sign.

ARIES: Impulsive, enthusiastic, and impatient. Gets bored easily. Optimistic.

TAURUS: Deliberate, slow-paced, concerned with feeling a sense of security. Stable emotions and likes to have a comfortable environment.

GEMINI: Curious and witty nature. Sociable. Natural instinct is to think about emotions more than feel them.

CANCER: The Moon is in its rulership in the sign of Cancer, which is where it can express itself fully and easily.  Has a tendency to cling to their home, possessions, friends and family.

LEO: Emotional nature has a dramatic, generous and fun-loving temperament. Feels energized when natural spontaneity and exuberance can be creatively expressed.

VIRGO: Analytical nature when it comes to processing emotions. Practical, good memory, reserved, and wants to store or organize emotions so that feelings are expressed in a “correct” and suitable context.

LIBRA: Does not like to be alone. Needs to feel an intellectual rapport with a romantic partner. Can be indecisive. Needs calm and balance to feel secure, which is why relationships can be a very complicated territory (where it’s sometimes anything BUT calm and harmonious).

SCORPIO: Deeply emotional, very intense, mystical and secretive. Temperament is quiet, dark, and brooding.

SAGITTARIUS: Light-hearted, hates to feel tied down. Loves freedom and emotional adventures.

CAPRICORN: Patient, disciplined, high level of self-control. The emotional nature reflects the serious, disciplined Capricorn energy that is driven by long-term success.

AQUARIUS: Idealistic and cool-headed. Can deny “irrational” emotions —such as jealousy and fear because of their belief that they are better than such “base” human emotions. Expects a lot of breathing space in relationships. Needs friendship to feel secure. Can be stubborn and dogmatic about getting others to do things their way.

PISCES: Needs to feel “at one” with the world. There is a drive to transcend mundane reality and merge with something that goes beyond the physical, personal self. Needs to set emotional boundaries and have some quiet time to recharge.

P.S. Let us know in the comments section whether you feel more like your sun sign or moon sign (or both!).

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