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Feeling stuck in your business?

  • You want to make some improvements, but are overwhelmed thinking about where to start.
  • You want to build your email list, sales funnel, and make more money, but you need some specific, actionable tips and direction.
  • You want to stand out in a crowded marketplace, but you struggle with clarifying your niche and seeing more profits.

In my PDF checklist on 3 Tips to Clarify Your Niche, I shared some ways on how to move forward in your biz.

If you need more guidance and support with getting the whole business niche done right, I’d love to help.


…if practical astrology helped you gain clarity on how to stand out in a crowded market and make more money doing what you love.


After many years of struggling to find a sense of purpose with my life, I saw why I felt pulled in so many different directions…and that I didn’t need to be.

Just when I thought I would never get my life together, I realized how astrology works as an inner compass to help us get results and peace of mind.

Jess | Astrologer and Strategist

Here are some of the things I’ve discovered in my astrological journey so far (re: complex stuff that goes beyond “sun sign” astrology):

  • That my earning capacity involves empowering others to success (from my Pluto in Scorpio 8th house)
  • That I require spiritual fulfillment in my vocation (Neptune conjunct MC)
  • How a natal chart neatly organizes life into 12 key areas, which helps maintain work life balance

I am passionate about making money as well as doing meaningful work.

I know what the entrepreneurial lifestyle is like.

I know that it’s far from glamorous when you’re slaving away at getting the nitty-gritty things done right.

Shouldn’t there be some joy with creating a biz that’s uniquely you?

That is why I’m sharing these techniques with you — so that you too can regain a deep sense of direction and achieve your business goals!


* EARLY BIRD: $497 (you’ll have more one-on-one time with me with this discounted beta version — prices will be going up in future)

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[a 4-week consulting/coaching program that will help you stand out in a crowded market + make more money doing what you love]

Solopreneur Support is a 1:1 business astrology consulting service.

With my system, you’ll go from stuck to moving forward with clarity and focus.

Solopreneur Support


  • REVIEW: We’ll review your niche, cash flow, branding, and go through the areas where you feel most stuck
  • ANALYZE: In-depth analysis of your astrological chart. You’ll get in touch with your inner values, refine your unique brand and message, and find your profitable niche.
  • MINDSET: Learn how to integrate your new thoughts and goals into your daily habits, so that you operate from the right mindset.
  • ACTION: Instead of a generic plan, we’ll work together to create a clear roadmap for your business strategy and future success.


  • 4 weekly 15-min laser coaching calls with Jess
  • “Pick My Brain” access to Jess personally (email)
  • PDF of your in-depth chart analysis
  • Simple yet powerful mindset techniques
  • Worksheets and easy-to-follow customized guides
  • 1 done-for-you Media Pitch (valued at $97)



“Excellent quality of work, fantastic communication and delivered on all aspects of the role!” — (2015)

“I was having disappointments as a writer — I wasn’t sure if I should move on and search for another path. I asked Jess to look at my chart, and her analysis gave me lots to think about! My goal is to focus more on writing and related activities that help me to keep doing what I love. I realized that being creative helps me manage stress and makes me feel happy in my daily work.” — Alicia B., Italy (2016)



  • AFA Member (American Federation of Astrologers)
  • Certified Career Coach (IAP College)
  • Law of Attraction Practitioner (Global Sciences Foundation)
  • Astrologer Practitioner (MetaStudies Institute; 2017 completion)
  • B.A. in Business + English (Adams State University)



* EARLY BIRD: $497 (you’ll have more one-on-one time with me with this discounted beta version — prices will be going up in future)

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Final Words of Wisdom

 “Action expresses priorities.” – Mahatma Gandhi