Starting over was a subject on my mind since a couple of weeks ago, due to the solar and lunar eclipses in September 2016.

3 tips for starting your life over and dealing with changes.

I thought about times in my life where a lot of changes were happening, and narrowed it down to three tips which helped me in terms of navigating my life and aspirations.

The first step was overcoming a fear of change.

The second step was taking the time to get in touch with what I really wanted.

The third step was taking the challenges as an opportunity to re-focus and re-organize.

This led me to write an article so that others could learn about how to deal with change in a way that is both positive and constructive.

The full article is posted at SelfGrowth. Thank you to SG for the blog post contribution opportunity!

Jess Chua

Jess Chua

Jess Chua is an astrologer and strategist.

Through her analytical and intuitive abilities, she helps others create the life and career they desire.
Jess Chua

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