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About Jess


Jess Chua is a content specialist and guided journaling coach helping introverts to shine in a LOUD world.

She holds a B.A. in English and Business and a certificate in well-being counseling. She blogs and performs other writing-related tasks for the personal development podcast, Optimal Living Daily.

As an INFJ, she is particularly uplifted through creating solutions that change people’s lives.

Jess has been quoted on Forbes, Brit + Co, and various media outlets. She is working on her first non-fiction book.

“When you’re passionate and care about something, it gives you fuel to speak up…or make a real, lasting difference in your own quieter, unique way.” ~ Jess Chua

Guided Journaling Coaching (1 Session or 1 Month)

Introverts can face unique challenges with realizing their full potential.

Guided journaling and an action plan can act as a compass for getting you closer to your goals.

Coaching Services include:

  • Clarity with online business niche and offerings
  • Support with career change or direction
  • Overcoming negative beliefs
  • Overcoming fear to achieve your goals
  • Support with defining a purposeful life
  • Developing authenticity with personal branding
  • Building focus and discipline into your daily routine
  • Support with personal growth (letting go; healing)

How Is This Coaching Different?

  • It’s a completely customized experience tailored to your personality and goals 🙂
  • YOU are the focus. You’re not a nameless face in a huge group program where it’s hard to get individual attention.

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